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John loves the cock but he just met a friend that has a Gi-normous meat dangler. It almost brought tears to the poor guy’s eyes when he saw the beautiful massive lumb of flesh. Now if he can only stuff that big jalapeno up his ass…

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Tucker lately has been feeling lonely since he broke up with his boyfriend. But he finally found joy when he met his new boytoy with a huge penis at the park. He rides the HUGE cock like a cowboy! Even gayer…

Kevin Cavalli

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Kevin is a training to be a MMA fighter. He’s getting some training from a veteran two time champion Devin The Kong Dong. Devin though has a secret he’s been holding inside for a long time. After he gets a hard on watchin Kevin workout then the truth comes out. Devin has a fat cock looking to give some personal ass training…

Cameron Adams

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Tristan just met a new friend, Cameron and preppy guy from South Hampton. However Cameron is more than meets the eye. After some chatting and relaxing Cameron whips out his massive cock. Tristan’s mouth drops and Cameron goes in!

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Aiden Morgan is about to experience the supernatural. His very close friend has a gift that he’s about to share with Aiden. As his friend un-zips his pants a nice big flesh of meat pops out as Aiden enters the Big Dick Zone…

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